Handmade soba noodle cooking class report (The July 3th, 2018)

Lara, Adrian and Adrian came from Melbourne, Australia and joined the handmade soba noodle cooking class. I really appreciate it!

They have been to Japan many times and know many Japanese words like “Sugoi! (great!)”. They like cooking and made their own soba noodles very well.
Especially cutting was so great.

The soba noodles they made became the present for their friend living in Kyoto.
Such a nice present! I hope she likes it!

Thank you for coming to the handmade soba noodle cooking class.
I hope to see you all again soon.


Would you like to made handmade soba noodles and enjoy eating the very fresh ones?
Asakology Healthy Japanese Cooking teach you how to cook authentic handmade soba noodles and it will be the precious experience during your stay in Japan.




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